Prefer to Trade these Items – September 2020

I have a set of footboard frame rails, long police style kickstand, 1x footboard (don’t ask….) and the plates for a G5/T3/Convert or other tonti framed Guzzi.

I am chasing a set of normal bottom frame rails and would prefer to swap rather than cut all the brackets off these – seems that would be a waste to be honest.

Rails have recently been painted with epoxy primer and 2-pack satin black (while I was painting a bunch of other stuff)

No matter how hard I look I can’t find the gear linkage or other footboard, if it turns up i will send it to you

Contact Mark

0419 425 883

Items Located in Wollongong


Items to Trade (December 2019)

I have a box of miracles and a bog of impossibles to trade. Interested?

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